Posted by: aspiringchefkc | January 20, 2010

Me and Fractions come together over pasta!

Who knew the joy you could get out of completing an odd math problem then looking in the back of the book to see that yes you indeed are correct! (you know they only give you the answers to the odd ones) First chapter was all about whole numbers, fractions (improper and proper) of course I got along famously with the improper ones 🙂 I did some conversions, some division, addition, subtraction, muliplication, a dash of decimals, a splash of rounding up. I found myself taking a moment to say thanks to my  math teachers back in BG…though I had 0ne hater that shall remain nameless. And I sent a shout out to the joyous calculator and of my fingers. So after finishing the first chapter of Culinary Math, I felt great! So great I ran to my kitchen grabbed a box of whole wheat linguini, a clove of garlic, some diced onion, extra virgin olive oil, peeled and deveined shrimp, marinated artichokes, kosher salt and pepper and prepared a feast! Ah yes, roasted shimp with artichokes poured over a bed of perfect linguini pasta. Drizzled with a little more olive oil (from Italy…only the best) and garnished with parsley. Yeah..all that because of numbers. So…stop reading and get out there and pick up a book on fractions…it’ll change your life! Now here’s hoping momma can drop these digits in some real world situations…



  1. Sounds like the perfect meal! Of course, I’m a huge basil and sun dried tomato fan, so I might have added those. 🙂

  2. Sister I’m right there with ya. I didn’t have any fresh basil in my kitchen..I know FOR SHAME! haha.

  3. This year I actually planted a little herb garden in my front flower bed. I’m now never without fresh rosemary, sweet basil, oregano, and lavender. I also planted a grape tomato plant that yielded me 6 – yes 6!!! – grape tomatoes this summer. I’m hoping for better luck with that next summer.

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