Posted by: aspiringchefkc | May 2, 2011

Making Friends! Breaking Bread!

Friends, family, people I’ve never met! I come to you today as one excited lady!

Breaking Bread: A Soul Food Communion was an absolute success! From the weeks and days leading up to the event I was thinking, “ok Lord, how are you gonna pull this off?” And His response, “Watch me do my thang!”

The gallery and social hall at Village Shalom were full; overflowing with guests – many of them meeting for the first time! The artwork displayed by Beth Nybeck and John Sutton simply floored me! I still don’t know how two people can have THAT much talent flowing through them. MERCY! I am forever grateful to my dear friend Vi Tran for giving me the support and the kick in the pants I needed to dream big and apply for the Dining Room project! And an even bigger thanks to Marcus Cain and Kate Hackman who saw something worth having! This event never would have happened without my family and friends. 

I’ll upload more pics as they come in, but until then check out these pics.

If it’s on your plate…EAT IT!
Tekia “T” Thompson



  1. Hey, did you see my blog post about it? Let me know if you want more of the photos I took. Great job again!

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